Contests and Awards

California DAR awards

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2018 California Outstanding Teacher of American History

In 2018, Commodore Sloat Chapter nominated Brice Gamble of Pacific Grove Middle School for the Outstanding Teacher of American History.  He was awarded this prestigious award by the CSSDAR at California State Conference by Beverly Moncrieff, State Regent and Christine McMahan, State Historian.

DAR Americanism Medal

In 2017, the Commodore Sloat Chapter nominated Dr. Eduardo Ochoa for the DAR Americanism Medal.  This medal is awarded to a naturalized United States citizen who has demonstrated outstanding qualities of leadership, trustworthiness, service and patriotism.  He was recognized at the Chapter, State and National levels for this award.  

Dr. Ochoa is pictured here with his wife Holly Ochoa, Commodore Sloat Chapter Member, Beverly Roberson Moncrieff, California State Regent, and Suzanne Schultz, Commodore Sloat Chapter Regent in San Ramon, California, March 2017.

Holly and Dr. Eduardo Ochoa at Continental Congress in Washington, D.C. June 2017.